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Monday, 30 May 2011

Blogger Tricks Mobile to Mobile Free Calls

Today Blogger Tips Tell you How to make Free Call in any where in the World. You can make free calls from mobile to mobile any where in the world. It is necessary that both mobiles should be connected to the internet and download skype in both of them.Actually you will call from Skype to Skype via internet, but it seems like to from mobile to mobile calling. It is free calling method from one mobile phone to another and anywhere in the world.

You can send Skype link diectly from here to your mobile phone.

Send Skype to Mobile Phone for Free Local and International Calls: Click Here

Let us introduce you another free calling service. Jaxtr is one of the best VoIP service out there and it is widely famous with thier outstanding new offers to the users. Here we will discuss one of free offer by Jaxtr, basically this company is expending their offers to around the globle, so they are offering free minutes call to more than 50 coutries now. As you know Pakistan is a costly country for calls, so we will be using this service. Really you don’t need to pay even a single penny to make calls. Even none Jaxtr members can also make free calls to different countries.

Here is the countries list Free Countries

free calls

To use this Jaxtr Freeconnect service just follow these steps:

- First You Need to Enter Your Email Here
- Enter your number Here
- Enter your friend’s number at Jaxtr.
- Now, Jaxtr will give you a local number to reach that person.If your friend dial that number, then jaxtr notifies the person you are calling with a local number to call and get connected.
Now you can talk for as long as you want.Its totally free.

This is one of the good promotion from Jaxtr. Just give it a try and see if it makes you happy. What you think this post is useful to you tell us about views.

Blogger Get free SMS Alerts on ZONG Mobilink Ufone Telenor Warid Thu Comment

A free contact form that alerts you by text message on your cell phone when a user submits the form. Very handy when you want to be sharp and prompt in responding to your website users. It’s easy to setup and it’s free.
Blogger Tip Free SMS

A user fills out a contact form like usual on your website and when they click submit, you get an email from the user and an alert to your cell phone.

No need to know coding the video will walk you through setting it up. And all the files you need are available for download on this site.

Get sms text message alerts when a user submits the form
Very simple to integrate into your existing site
Easy to customize and change the look
Of course it’s free

For those who are running their blogs on Blogger, they can get sms alerts with their Zong connection when someone of their readers leaves a comment on their blog. It is free as long as Zong’s email to sms service is free.
Ufone customers may also use their Email to sms service, but Ufone’s email to sms service is not free. With Ufone to get your email to sms id ( you need to activate your info-services account from Ufone web, which charges 1.Rs+tax/day, where as Zong’s email to sms service is by default activated on all Zong numbers for free.

It is easy to setup Zong sms alerts for blogger comment notifications, that when your blog posts receive any comments, then from blogger a sms notification will be sent to your Zong number.
This trick will only work for those who are using blogger default comments system, will not work with disqus, js-kit etc

Just follow these easy steps:

- Login to your Blogger account.
- From dashboard go to the settings of your blog for which you want to set up sms alerts.
- Go to the comments settings page, at the bottom you will see an option for “Comment Notification Email”, just put your Zong email to sms id there (for example, and Save settings.

Take a look at the below screenshots to get an idea about this service. This service will keep you updated about the interaction on your blog and you can reply to your readers on time.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Blogger Blog Tell Why Microsoft Is 3X Better Than Apple For Customer Support 2011

Microsoft Apple Fight Blogger Tips Tricks Tell us Live.
The Apple versus Microsoft product debate has been a constant, four-decade campaign. There are proponents on both sides. While recently Apple has emerged the trendier of the two, does having trendier products translate into superior customer support?

After tallying the results, Microsoft is the clear winner with a 3-1-1 (win, tie, loss) outcome. Which for our purposes is a 3X victory for Microsoft.

Summary on Apple
While Apple has a better design and user experience, it does not measure up to its rival’s content and social infrastructure. Their belief appears to be that they want to tell you how you need to be supported. Which aligns with my experience with the team.
Apple is also behind on its Social construct. As far as I can tell, they do not have a single employee solving customer issues on Twitter. Moreover, their lack of customer feedback mechanisms are a glaring weakness. They just can not seem to get social right (via Business Insider/CNN).
Still, they have one of the best support sites on the web. Apple lets their products do the talking but don’t model your social strategy after them.

Summary on Microsoft
Microsoft admits they need to learn from their customers, and they have built a support site to match. While not perfect, they do an excellent job overall in providing support across their numerous and diverse product lines.

Microsoft has numerous support professionals monitoring Twitter and other social outlets. Their approach to social is superior to Apple’s and their MVP program is best in class.

Microsoft needs to improve their design and make their support sites more homogeneous. They also need to keep pushing the social boundaries and continue to add more social features. But in the end, they probably still have the best online support site on the web. Most technical communicators agree.

Blogger How to Track Your blog Visitors?

As a new blogger (webmaster), it is always interesting to know how many people are visiting your blog/site, pageviews, where they are coming from,which sites are referring,how many are coming via Search Engines (google,yahoo,etc) and what they are typing in the search engines to visit your site.
How to Track Your Blogger blog Visitors?
These stastistics are very handy interms of improving your blog and it is for FREE
If you search the google,you will find hundreds of sites which will track the visitors of your blog/site.But,some sites will provide more information about your visitors than the others.
So, how to do this?
Here are the best tracking sources interms of the feautures they provide.
Note:One thing is common for all the tracking sites.First you need to register,and provide the necessary information about your blog/website.Next,they will give you a html code and you have to embed it in your blog.

How to do that in blogger?
1.Sign in to your blogger dashboard.
2.Click on the 'layout' link next to your blog name.
3.Click on the "Add a Page element"
4.Select "html/javascript" and past the code they provide and SAVE THE CHANGES.

From then,your blog will be tracked and you can check your blog stats from time to time after logging in to your registrate's website.

So,here are the good ones:- This one is one of the Most Popular tracking source.This is as simple as 123. Just create an account,copy the code from your account and paste it in your blog as suggested above.
You have also the option to keep your blog stats PRIVATE.
They will give you the stats on how many pageviews(hits) per day,unique visitors,geolocation of the visitors,how many users online,and much more...As it is simple(not much animation),you site will load as fast as it is before.Stats are updated hourly.
You can setup a Free Account here Unlike the Sitemeter which is very simple, this site will have very cool and animated counters.
Tracking is updated every 5 minutes.I personally using this site for my blogs.Like Sitemeter,
this is also have the option to keep your site stats PRIVATE.
They will provide Animated graphs about your site visitors and fully animative.
You can register with them here Same here!As in the name,it is a stats counter.It is fast,free,and quick loading.
Invisible tracking is available and no ads on your site.All the stats are in real time and super fast.It is not much animated as will provide pageviews,unique vistors,visitors activity,search engine wars,keyword analysis,and many more

Blogger How to add a PAYPAL DONATE button to your blogspot blog

Adding a Paypal donation button to your blog will give your blog readers a chance to support you by donating a few bucks. If you don’t have a paypal account yet, you can get a Free Paypal account here.

1. First,Log in to your Paypal account.
paypal donate button in blogger tips
2. Click on the ‘Merchant Services’ tab (see at the top of the page).
button paypal
3. Scroll down the window and you will see an option “Donations” in the right sidebar. Click on it!
blogger tips and tricks paypal button
4. Now,you will see some options like Donation name/service ,donation id,etc etc… The first field (Donation name/service) is the only thing that is required and all the remaining fields are optional.
Enter that first field,choose a button style,scroll down the window and click on “Create a button Now”

5. Now,you will see some html code… Copy it and sign in to your blogger dashboard »» Click on the layout »» Add a Page element »» html/javascript »» and paste that html code and SAVE THE CHANGES.

Blogger 503 Service Unavailable

Are you getting this error message on your blog dashboard, or while you are trying to access your blog?
Read on to find out what this problem is all about and how to help blogger to solve it.
blogger tips 503 Service Unavailable

What does 503 mean?
503 “Service Unavailable” is a “response code” like 404 “Page not found”. The 503 response code is a bit more complicated as it is not a page that is missing it is a server problem. Usually this happens when a server cannot cope or deliver its hosted content to web users, in other words blogger servers have been overloaded.

Back in March Google engineers introduced Auto Pagination which basically reduces and summarizes the amount of posts that a blog displays on the home page, this only affects blogs that show all or most of their full posts on the home page.
This approach to the problem by Blogger has proved ineffective, and Blogger are now having problems in the delivery of certain blogs worldwide.

Who is affected by this 503 “Service Unavailable”
This problem affects all blogs worldwide. One of the ways to find out if you have been affected is to login in Google analytics and check your traffic sources, select search engines and select the keyword that brings most of the traffic to your blog, compare the data with previous months. A notable change in your bounce rate or average time will be a good indicator that your blog had been affected by this 503 response code. The logic behind this is simple, a user trying to view your blog has opened the 503 page and assumed the site down and gone to another site. Due to this you will receive a 100% Bounce rate for that keyword as well as a low time average.

Understanding the problem and its consequences
The consequences of this problem are that you can start to lose traffic and your ranking in search engines. You need to understand that this is not a problem of resources, this cannot be fixed by getting a new server for blogger (if it was I would not be here talking about it).
This is a problem of how we blog and what we do with our blogs.

How to solve the 503 “Server unavailable” on Blogger
Here are a few steps you could take in order to help Blogger to solve the issue.
Basic level (no skills required)
- Summarize your posts.
- Show only the most relevant post on your home page.

If you show full posts on your home page you have a greater chance of encountering the “503” problem, as your blog is using more resources from Blogger to deliver or load your blog. Secondly an excessive number of posts on the home page (even summarized posts) may result in a 503 as there is a delay with Blogger loading your blog. You can opt to show your latest post or more relevant posts, and include a widget with some links to your previous posts. This is SEO friendly and will reduce the amount of problems you will have with your blog.

Medium Level (some skills and knowledge are required)
- Use a light weight template and avoid using the “template designer” from Blogger
- Use Light images

If you are using a template made from the “template designer” tab, there is a simple test that you can do to reveal how efficient your template is: Clean the cookies of your browser and open your blog (not blogger dashboard) by typing the url in the address bar of the browser. Take note of the time that it takes for your blog to load completely, now go to blogger and change your template for any free template and repeat the same steps, clean your cookies and open your blog again and compare the time. Some of the templates made with the “Template Designer” have a poorer performance, especially those that have some java scripts and/or have a background image.

Images play an important part in saving some bites, you can use PNG format or GIF as these are lightweight formats, you can also use JPG but you must always compare them to find out which is the lightest one. PNG is not always the best. If you don’t know how to change the file formats of the images you can search on Google for GIPM; an open source software with features like Paint Shop Pro; easy to use especially to change image formats.

High level (Skills and Knowledge are required)
- Speed test using Firebug for Firefox

The best way to analyze and get a full report on the performance of your blog is by using “Firebug” for Firefox. Firebug will report a series of problems that your blog may have in order to reduce the loading time of your blog which is one of the determining factors of the 503 “Service Unavailable” error.
You will get specific reports on how your CSS is performing, where you can reduce the size of your CSS, where to put your Javascript files, and much more. Most importantly it will create a compressed version of your CSS (best performance) for you to use as well as a copy of all images in a different format, for instance if you have some JPG images, Firebug will compare the same image to other formats and will give to you the same image but under a different format saving you time in editing those images.

Overall there are alot of things that you will find out about your blog after running a test on Firebug that you may not know how to solve, if that is the case you can jump into the forum and ask questions about it.

Why should you bother with all of this?
You may be thinking why do I need to bother with all of this, why not just wait for somebody from Blogger and Google to solve the problem?. Well the answer to that is easy: this is not just Blogger’s problem this is a blog problem, and in this case, blogs worldwide. This is not solved by buying an extra server or hiring somebody to solve the problem, this can in part be solved by us bloggers and the way we do things. Blogger is the only blog platform that offers you the best of both worlds: the benefits of a self hosted blog for free. You just have to ask yourself would I like if Blogger changed the rules and started to charge it’s users for their free service?

This may or may not happen, but for now this is just an appeal to all bloggers to change the way they do things for the best, at the end of the day it will help your blog as well as the user experience that you offer to your blog users.


Firefox: Download Firefox Official Site
Firebug: Download Firebug Official Site
GIMP image editor: Download GIMP Official Site

(These links open on a new window and will open the Official sites where you can find more info before downloading each software. All software is Open Source and free of charge)